Central Library – a view from the top

As we look forward to the end of the building works programme at Central Library and the removal of the scaffolding, we thought we’d share some photos taken of the exterior works and the fantastic views from the scaffold.

Last month we got privileged access to take a hard hat tour of the scaffold from the Cowgate floor, climbing right to the top of the roof!

View of Edinburgh Castle looking west from the roof of Central Library, www.edinburghcollected.org

We saw some of the work that has been done to repair pieces of stonework –

Stonework, Central Library, www.edinburghcollected.org

witnessed the damage that nature can do –

Plant root removed from masonry, Central Library roof, www.edinburghcollected.org

and got some unusual perspectives on familiar places. Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Reference Library –

Looking into the Reference Library, from scaffold on Central Library, www.edinburghcollected.org

See the full set of images taking you from ground to sky, in our new scrapbook on Edinburgh Collected, Central Library – a view from the top.

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