The Magic of Mathletics

Want to help your children or grandchildren improve their maths? Why not mathleticsget them signed up to use Mathletics through Edinburgh Libraries. Mathletics is a fantastic website that teaches children maths in a fun and addictive way. You sign them up at their Scottish school level so you know they will be learning exactly what they need for school. They can work towards “medals” and can compete against each other in online maths games.

mathletics-love-learning-featured-image-400pxThere are almost 5 million children of primary and secondary age using Mathletics around the world including many who use it in their schools. A study at the University of Oxford recently found that pupils regularly using Mathletics outperformed non-users in Primary 6 Standard Attainment Tests in terms of attainment and progress.

Many parents pay a subscription for their children to use Mathletics, but you just need to sign up through Edinburgh Libraries to use it for free.


Learn a language the easy way

If the Scottish weather makes your holiday plans more Lanzarote than Largs, then learning the local language can help your holiday run smoothly. Tell Me More and Transparent Language Online are two online tools – available free to library members – which help you do just that.

Learn a language at home with Tell Me More and use the handy speech recognition software to get your pronunciation just right. Choose from a number of activities to tailor your learning to suit you.

Transparent Language Online offers help with over 80 languages and includes handy links to social media sites in the language you’re studying and games to help practice your new found skills. There are also iPhone and Android apps (under its previous name of Byki) to make things easier.

There is something for every style of learning and language requirement. Learn to order a beer, find the airport, and it’ll even help you explain to the Gendarme exactly what is in your suitcase…

Bon voyage!