Macmillan@Edinburgh Libraries service starts today

The new Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service starts on 30th August at Central Library and 5th September at Craigmillar Library and will then be available at the following times.

Craigmillar Library        Monday 11am – 3pm

Central Library             Tuesday 3-7pm

Craigmillar Library        Thursday 11am – 3pm

Central Library              Friday 11am – 3pm

The Macmillan@Edinburgh Libraries service is a free service aiming to provide information, support and signposting to people affected by cancer.

Mac cancer Central 1

The service will offer a listening ear, helping people who have been affected by cancer in Edinburgh. The service user may be the person with the diagnosis but could equally be a family member, friend, or colleague.

As well as listening to the service user, there will be a number of options for further support.  They will also have access to a range of Macmillan information materials and books to assist people affected by cancer.

Contact for more information.

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