Harpies, Fechters and Quines Festival 2017

We’ve very pleased to announce the programme for this year’s Harpies, Fechters and Quines Festival, organised in partnership with the Glasgow Women’s Library and the Edinburgh Womens’ Group Bonnie Fechters.

This year the focus is on women and film – Reel Women – and includes many free film screenings. Come along and meet like-minded folk, learn something new or just sit back and enjoy.

Browse the full programme and book your tickets via Eventbrite


Do The Right Thing on a Monday and come along to our free film season

Black Star Film Season is a celebration of the range and versatility of black actors on film taking place at Craigmillar Library.

The season runs until 22 May and opens with two special launch events funded by BFI Blackstar. These curated free screenings will encompass different genres, decades and styles for all audiences. Black and white.


On Monday 27 February there’s the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing (18). There will be music and food from 5.30pm and the film’s running time is 6 – 8.10pm. Doors open at 5.15pm.

On Monday 10 April you can watch the British Sci-fi film Attack The Block (15). Film runs from 6 – 7.30pm. Doors open at 5.15pm.

For the younger ones, come along on Monday 24 April and watch the animated Disney film The Princess & The Frog (U). Film runs from 3 – 4.40pm. Doors open at 2.30pm.

There’s a throwback to the 70s on Monday 8 May when Car Wash (PG) will be showing. Film runs from 6 – 7.40pm. Doors open at 5.30pm.

And finally ending with The Greatest on Monday 22 May Ali {15) starring Will Smith. Film runs from 5 – 7.45pm. Doors open at 4.30pm.

To book your place just contact Craigmillar Library by email craigmillar.library@edinburgh.gov.uk or phone 0131 529 5597.

#Artcore Young Writers Screenwriting Workshop

artcoreAnnouncing a really special event for young people! To mark the relaunch of the #artcore young writers’ group, they are holding a special event: a free, open screenwriting workshop with Marc Pye.  Marc has many years’ experience in writing for film and TV – amongst his television credits are EastEnders, Holby City, Hollyoaks, The Bill, Waterloo Road, Holby Blue, Doctors and River City.

Marc PyeMarc is coming to Portobello Library on Tuesday 27th September to deliver a workshop where he’ll be explaining what makes great writing for the screen – letting you see what a script looks like, and giving top tips on how to write one.

This workshop is open to absolutely anyone between the ages of 13 and 25.  You don’t need to have attended #artcore before, and yep – you don’t even need to have done any writing beforehand!  Whether you’ve always fancied the idea of writing a script but never tried, or whether you’ve got a box of finished scripts waiting under the bed… this workshop is for you.

Want to take part then go to Portobello Library at 6pm on Tuesday 27th September (the workshop will run until 7.30pm).

A newsworthy day in toun…

Yesterday, the ongoing saga of the mystery sculptor reached new heights of speculation when none other than our own former music librarian, Garry Gale, told the Evening news that he had worked out the identity of the artist!  Garry solved the mystery because he owns an early work but did not out the artist, stating that he did not want to blow the artist’s cover.  Read all about it here, and let us know whether you think the identity of the artist should be revealed, or if you think it’s more fun not to know.
Halle Berry
Tom Hanks' Star on Hollywood Boulevard
Additionally, our inspiring country is currently playing host to Halle Berry and Tom Hanks, as they shoot the hotly anticipated screen adaptation of David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas“!  The cast and crew have been spotted in the old town today, and will be filming more over the next week.  Tom  braved our shores before to make “The Da Vinci Code”, but poor Halle has been looking decidedly chilly in the press shots!  Read all about it here, and keep your eyes peeled – you might see some genuine A-listers when you pop out for your lunch!

One Day

The film adaptation of David Nicholls’ beloved “One Day” opened  in cinemas this weekend.  Did Anne Hathaway get away with an English accent?  Have you read the book already?  If not, borrow it here!  If you have read it, why not try one of David’s other marvellous books?

If you’ve caught the film already, please do let us know what you thought of it!

Movies and music

There are a great many elements essential to the success of a popular film … script, direction, acting, visuals and, not least, the soundtrack.

Who can forget the memorable scene from 2001 with giant space ships looming into view accompanied by the Blue Danube waltz? The brutal shower scene from Psycho is made all the more horrifying because of the effect created by Bernard Hermann’s screaming violins. One of the most distinctive features of Serge Leone’s spaghetti westerns is the wonderful music composed by Ennio Morricone.

If you want to listen to these and many more great recordings why not check out the soundtrack section in the Central Music Library’s audio collection – or view some of the hundreds of available soundtracks on our catalogue.

What’s your favourite movie soundtrack?

Film Festival Competition – results and winner

We had a fantastic response to our Filmfest competition, congratulations to our winner Marine Picard who wins two tickets for tonight’s screening of Sylvain Chomet’s “The Illusionist”.  Thanks to all who entered – here are the answers:

1) Doctor Zhivago was premiered in Edinburgh in 1965.  Who wrote the novel? Boris Pasternak

2) Edith Wharton’s ‘House of Mirth’, premiered in 2000, was filmed on location in which East Lothian mansion? Gosford House

3) Which Edinburgh author wrote the ‘the Acid House’, premiered in 1998? Irvine Welsh

4) ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, premiered in 2004, was written by which Argentinean author? Ernesto “Che” Guevara 

5) A biopic called ‘The Edge of Love’, premiered in 2008, featured the life of a well-known poet: can you name him? Dylan Thomas 

6) Which short story by Leo Tolstoy was the subject of a film which premiered in 2008? The Kreutzer Sonata

7) ‘Hallam Foe’ by Peter Jinks, premiered in 2007, was filmed on location in which Edinburgh hotel? Some confusion over this: Both The Balmoral and The Caledonian Hotels were used as locations but the Balmoral is the location for both book and film! Both answers were permitted.

8  Pat Barker’s trilogy of books was filmed and premiered in 1997 in Edinburgh; can you name the title of this trilogy? Regeneration

9) Which famous horror story, written in 1818, was retrospectively filmed and premiered in 1991? Frankenstein

10) Two novels by Thomas Hardy were filmed and premiered in Edinburgh 1980 and 1996.  Can you name one of them? Tess of the d’Urbervilles or Jude the Obscure

11) An early film premiered in Edinburgh 1958 featured an ‘Old man and the Sea’.  Who wrote the book? Ernest Hemingway

12) Which of Shakespeare’s plays was retrospectively premiered in 1989 during the Edinburgh International Film Festival? Henry V

13) ‘Fear and Loathing….’ was premiered in 1998; in which American City? Las Vegas

14) Which story by Alberto Moravia premiered as a film in 1971? Il Conformista/The Conformist

More movie-related fun tomorrow…