Muirhouse Library Film Club Presents: Wednesday Matinees

Films are better when enjoyed together, on a big screen with popcorn to munch on.

Every fortnight we will be showing a movie on our cinema size screen. Tickets are FREE and so is the popcorn!

We will be showing a range of films from recent blockbusters to all time classics. But we don’t just want to show films we think you want to watch, we want to show films you definitely want to watch. So, let us know, get in touch via email or Facebook with your screening suggestions.

Doors open at 12pm films will start at 12:15pm.

Working with a local community or support group? we are happy to arrange group bookings or private screenings.

For info on planned screenings or to book tickets contact us at the library via email: Tel: 0131 529 5628 or online via Eventbrite


Wester Hailes Library presents: A kind of seeing

Wester Hailes Library is holding a unique archive film and photography event on Wednesday 22 February, 6 – 7.30pm, focusing on the history of the local community.

Children playing, Wester Hailes Drive

The main event will be a specially curated archive film screening, which will be shown on the library’s new cinema-size screen, complete with surround-sound! Films included in the programme will explore themes of community, through both films about the local area and Scotland as a whole, including…

WEALTH OF A NATION (1978, 17 min) – Made as part of a group of 7 documentaries for the 1938 Empire Exhibition, under the supervision of John Grierson. The film compares the old and new industries in Scotland, from shipyards to local farms.


EDINBURGH SAYS FAREWELL TO ITS TRAMS (1956, 5 min) – A series of shots over the last couple of days before the original Edinburgh tram service closed.

HUTS – A FILM FROM WESTER HAILES (1985, 20 min extract) – A film following the efforts of local Wester Hailes residents working together to improve life locally through the building and development of ‘The Huts’ as community facilities.

The screenings will be followed by a short discussion about the films, and the history of the local area. Everyone’s welcome to join in the discussion, and stay to enjoy some refreshments (tea, coffee & biscuits).

Alongside the film screening, there will be a photo exhibition of images taken around the local community. The exhibition will consist of both printed photographs and laptops connected to online archives, such as Capital Collections and Edinburgh Collected. While most of the printed photographs will come from the library’s own collection, we’d welcome any additions, so if you have any interesting photos of the local area, please get in touch.

The event is free to attend. Limited tickets are available online from Eventbrite.

Tickets are also available direct from Wester Hailes Library: email, phone us on 0131 529 5667, or drop in and speak to a member of staff.

“Wester Hailes library presents: A kind of seeing” is funded by Film Hub Scotland and is part of projects being piloted in Scotland under the Film Education in Libraries Project. The £190,000 initiative was made possible through Creative Scotland as part of their Film Strategy and aims to improve the provision of film and moving image education across the country.  This screening was commissioned by Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC).

Movies and music

There are a great many elements essential to the success of a popular film … script, direction, acting, visuals and, not least, the soundtrack.

Who can forget the memorable scene from 2001 with giant space ships looming into view accompanied by the Blue Danube waltz? The brutal shower scene from Psycho is made all the more horrifying because of the effect created by Bernard Hermann’s screaming violins. One of the most distinctive features of Serge Leone’s spaghetti westerns is the wonderful music composed by Ennio Morricone.

If you want to listen to these and many more great recordings why not check out the soundtrack section in the Central Music Library’s audio collection – or view some of the hundreds of available soundtracks on our catalogue.

What’s your favourite movie soundtrack?