Art and Design Library exhibition October

The Art and Design Library‘s October exhibition is entitled Works on Paper. From the 9th-30th October you’ll be able to see a series of watercolour paintings created by artist Eva Mitera, graduate of the University of Edinburgh, participant of the X Florence Biennale and curated by Dr Shih Mei Lee.

Eva works in both oils and watercolours, creating paintings focused on the themes of  natural and meteorological phenomena, landscape and images alternately abstract and realistic. This exhibition however focuses on Eva’s watercolours, which are on a smaller scale than her oil paintings, but are independent pieces in their own right, not studies for her larger works.

Eva enjoys the process of creating watercolours, especially the unpredictability of the result. She allows the colours to blend across the paper to emphasize rich bright hues and brush stokes. In her experiments with this medium she has also added dry pastel, crayons and ink to achieve impressions of reality or imaginary landscapes. Her works present a sensation of radiant energy and controlled frenzy.




Things I like about dementia

After Edward McLaughlin received a diagnosis of dementia in 2002, he discovered to his amazement that he now saw the world and colours quite differently.

An exhibition of his paintings, highlighting the evolution of his vision, themes and technique, as well as the short film Things I like about dementia will be launched at Portobello Library on 11th April at 6.30pm.

Here’s a preview:


The exhibition runs until 6th May.


‘Winter Scenes’ by Finlay Mackintosh

This month’s Art and Design Library exhibition features the work of Glasgow-based artist Finlay Mackintosh.

Here’s what Peter Howson wrote of Finlay’s work:

`I first met Finlay in 1988, and from that meeting became as admirer and collector of his beautiful work. He is what I would call a genuine NAÏVE – that is to say he is a pure, sincere artist. He doesn’t try to obtain a childlike vision of the world. It is done without trying, and that is important. The landscapes and townscapes, and especially the snow pictures are my favourite. Many of these works have a sublime simplicity which is more difficult to achieve than people think. Over the years Finlay has developed his vision. The recent work is stunning, and shows him to be a master of his craft. It deserves recognition.’


‘Winter Scenes’ is on display until 29 April.

The Decoration of Spring

Spring has arrived! The flowers bud, newborn animals lay in the fields; and the sky transforms from the dark grey snows of winter, to the dull grey constant rain that all other seasons in the British Isles consist of.

So to help evoke the more traditional thoughts of spring, we turn to Capital Collections new online exhibition ‘L’ animal dans la decoration’. Merging bold colours with the use of animals, French Art Nouveau artist Maurice Pillard Verneuil, created a collection of prints which show how animals can inspire design and decoration in items of furniture, papers, tiles and even outdoor items such as railings.

So let Edinburgh Libraries bring spring to you, when the rain (or snow!!) prevents you from getting out and experiencing it for yourself.