Green Pencil Polar Poems

In no particular order here are the poetic fruits of our 2014 Green Pencil Award Winners’ Trip to Our Dynamic Earth.

GPA winnersRead more about their day, and the fun they had with Georgi Gill from the Scottish Poetry Library, on the Bright Futures blog.


Aaron Fraser   (Hermitage Park Primary)

When most think of Antarctica, they think of this A desolate wasteland of snow, ice and mist But if you go there, it isn’t a bore, you might find more than you bargained for Mountains, standing like an army in row, forged from an earthquake long, long, ago The moon is dull, but also bright, soothingly calm on a long, harsh, winter’s night The Southern Lights, a plethora of colour, causing star gazer to watch in wonder Penguins chattering (social animals), near to the leopard seals (vicious cannibals) Cold night Star bright Frostbite This is Antarctica!


Katherine Maughan (St. David’s RC Primary)

 I see a grey misty blurry day and I see the pinky purpley sunset coming on its way.

At nightfall there’s nothing but silence and light wind.

I hear polar bears roaring and dancing with his friends.

At daybreak the wind calms down.

I sniff the cold air making my nose tingle.

But suddenly I hear a big bang then I slowly turn around and I see big scary polar bears attacking my tent.

I touch gentle white snow as I carefully watch it melt, slowly, in the palm of my right hand.

My hands feel like mini icebergs.

I feel light headed and warm in my heart but at the same time I have mixed feelings.


Shalin Chowdhury (Clermiston Primary)

At the North Pole

I see an extremely big ice mountain

In the middle of the Arctic Sea,

At nightfall something climbed on my tent

And their scary shadows frightened me.

I hear some polar bears quietly walking

Searching for food nearby,

At daybreak I was very hungry

Why did I come here, I don’t know why?!

I sniff freezing cold air into my nose,

My breath is as cold as in my fridge,

But thinking of my home made me stronger,

I miss my family and my village.

I touch the snow that melted slowly

And soon there was just plain soil,

My hands didn’t feel cold any more

When I covered them by thick foil.

I feel this adventure ended today,

But I’m ready to return any day!


Iona MacLaren (Blackhall Primary)

I see white stretching forever, under my bulky fur lined boots

At nightfall the sky melts into the folds of white and disappears till the morning comes

I think I hear a mournful cry come sweeping along the blotchy land, then it is muffled by deafening silence

I sniff the smell of the fresh crisp morning, ready to be explored. My nose tingles with mixed emotions

I reach down and touch this wet white. The cold pricks my unprotected fingers mercilessly, stinging my melting soul


Mateusz Klama (St Francis RC Primary)

“The Arctic”

I see a giant polar bear on a white iceberg in the icy sea

At nightfall the Arctic goes quiet the White polar bears go to sleep.

I hear polar bears roaring loudly in the morning

At daybreak our sandwiches attract polar bears.

I sniff the icy cold snow pinching me in the nose

But later the wind finally stops.

I touch the snow it feels really rough and hard

My hands are getting very cold from picking up the snow so I drop the cold snow.

I feel the wind starting again so I headed back to my tent.


Theo Nicholson (Wardie Primary)

I see a polar bear roaring deafeningly on top of an icy glacier.

At nightfall I glimpse the Northern Lights out of the corner of my eye, glittering and glowing, as green as grass on a sunny day.

I hear penguins’ flappy feet, slapping against the hard, cold ground.

At daybreak, the sun rises gracefully above the mountain like a waltzing star.

I sniff the polar bear’s breath – he is creeping up on me.

But luckily a penguin bites his short, stubby tail and he sprints off, his feet pounding on the ground.

I touch the crowd of feathers on the helpful penguin’s skinny back.

My hands are as cold as an ice cream tub that’s been pulled from the deepest corner of the freezer.

I feel a total stranger here, and I want to get back to the warmth of my home with my pet penguin.




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