New Digital Help partnership with Edinburgh University

Central Library will be hosting a new digital ‘drop-in’ service in partnership with Edinburgh University on Friday afternoons. Beginning on September 8th a group of students will be available to help you with your technology problems be they on laptop, tablet or smartphone. Bring along your device and sort out the issues or problems you are having whether it is perhaps some basics like how to get onto and search the internet, how to set up an email address or perhaps a more specific issue with how your device or a particular app works. The ‘drop-in’ will take place each Friday at the George Washington Browne Room from 1.30 – 4pm. Come along, get that technology headache fixed and have a cup of tea and a biscuit while you are in!


Cyber crime – how safe are you online?


mouseFind out more about cyber crime and how to avoid it at a free event hosted by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. They’ll be joined by a representative from Police Scotland and will give information on internet security including:

  • Current cyber scams
  • Advice about safe surfing
  • How prosecutors consider cyber scam cases.

The event is being held at Central Library at 2pm on Thursday 16 February 2017 and may be particularly useful to people aged 50+.

Reserve your free place via EventBrite  or contact Laura Connell for more information.

A week in art space

The space art shuttle has blasted off from Central Library but for a week during half-term, we enjoyed a fun-packed week of space art and craft creating flying rockets, making craters and galaxies, designing planets with collage, and painting and sticking with glitter!

Thanks to all our space artists who came along with their parents and carers for family fun and to our space librarians who led these workshops.

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This event formed part of Edinburgh City Libraries’ celebration of the annual UK Big Draw held during October each year, promoting drawing for all and its facility for changing lives and stimulating creativity. This year’s theme was ‘The STEAM Powered Big Draw’, with a focus on bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths in school curricula worldwide.

Summer of crafty fun in Edinburgh Libraries

Here’s a quick picture round-up of just a few of the activities that happened during the fantastic Big Friendly Read summer in Libraries.

Keep an eye on the Libraries’ calendar for other events coming soon or find out about regular activities, including craft events, happening in your local library.


Isla enjoys her week in the Music Library

From the 27th to the 30th of June 2016 I went on a work experience placement at the Music Library at Central Library. I chose this location as I am interested in music (I am studying Advanced Higher Music next year in S6) and I was interested in seeing how the library system works.  Whilst I was at the Music Library, I did several tasks, ranging from setting up a display on jazz to promote the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival to finding books and CDs for readers, and discharging and shelving books. I saw round the many departments in Central Library. It was interesting to see the variety of tasks done by Music Library and other staff in Central Library. This made my work experience placement very enjoyable and it also made me consider working in a library in the future.

Putting up Library display
I found some materials in the Music Library which I thought could be useful to students who are studying for Higher and Advanced Higher Music; there are many books on composers and the history of music, which could provide information to use in written projects. If students need sheet music of an appropriate standard (i.e. Grade 4 or Grade 5 level) for the Performance part of Higher and Advanced Higher Music, there are many scores available in the Music Library for various instruments.

Looking at Library books

There’s a piano in the Music Library which students can use if they need to practise. Finally, the online classical music streaming website Naxos, which is accessible via the Edinburgh Libraries website, can be used for listening to different styles and periods of classical music. This could be useful for listening practice in preparation for the final written exam.

I also came across helpful resources for Higher and Advanced Higher languages on the Edinburgh Your Library website;  Library card holders can read international newspapers in 60 different languages with Library PressDisplay and learn words and phrases in various languages with Transparent Language Online. provides information on how to use languages and aspects of language correctly.

Many students may not be aware that these study resources are available, and all that is required to access them is just a library card.

Scrieve It wi Hamish MacDonald

Oor Scrieve-It workshoap wi the National Library o Scotland’s resident Scots Scriever, Hamish MacDonald  luiked at weys o explorin an developin new or existin writin in Scots. here’s the foremaist paragraph we aw translated fae Don Quixote by Cervantes . Hae a keek at the oreeginal tae, in print or e-book

‘In the clachan o La Mancha, which A’d raither forget, ther bidit nae lang syne yin o thon auld Lairdies that keepit a lance in the lance-rack, an auld tairge, a shilpit cuddy, an a greyhoond fir coorsin. A scullery o raither mair beef than mutton, greens on maist nichts, leftowers oan Setterdays, lentils oan Fridays, an a doo or so ower an abune oan the Sabbat, cawed awa wi maist o his siller. The lave o it went oan a doublet o guid braid cloth and velvet breeks an matchin shoon for days aff, whiles ower the wikk he cut a braw figure in his finest tweeds. He had ben the hoose a kitchie-deem ower forty, a niece unner twinty, an orra-loon fir the park an the mercat-place, wha yaised tae saddle the cuddy as weel as haunle the bill-heuk. The age o this auld Lairdie o oors wis shiftin fifty, he wis gey mettlesome, scrawny, weezint, a gey early riser an a bonnie sportsman. Fowk reckon his faimily name wis Quixada or Quesada (fir here ther’s nae greeance amang thaim wha scrieve oan sic maitters), altho thaim wi rummle-gumption wid jalouse he wis cried Quexana. This, hooanivir, is o nae maitter tae wir yairn;  it will be eneuch no tae stravaig a fusker frae the truth in the tellin o’t.’

Translated by, John, Graeme, Anne, Robert, Brian, Carol and Hamish

Hamish will be doing a follow up Scots creative writing workshop later in the year in Central Library. Have a look at other Scots language translations and books from our collection



Seven uses for your library card besides borrowing books


Could you be getting more from your library card?

Here are seven things that magic little piece of plastic entitles you to – and they are all wonderfully FREE:

1. Download free emagazines and newspapers with PressReader and Zinio

2. Read scholarly journals with Access to Research

3. Get help setting up a new business using the COBRA database

4. Trace your family tree with Ancestry

5. Get book recommendations from a real life librarian

6. Stream music with Naxos

7. Take a mock driving theory test with Theory Test Pro

How do you use yours?