Bookbug’s Library Challenge re-launch

Bookbug’s Library Challenge is a fun way to encourage young children to explore and enjoy their local library.

Bookbug Library Challenge at Oxgangs Library

Bookbug Library Challenge at Oxgangs Library

As a result of the feedback from consultation, a few changes are being introduced to the materials we use to support the program. What better excuse for some Bookbug fun? Children from 2 local nursery classes came to Oxgangs Library to celebrate the changes.

We were delighted to have author/illustrator Alison Murray, who shared stories, songs and activities with us and each of the children also got a gift of a mini bookbug!

Alison Murray and the Bookbug Library Challenge at Oxgangs Library

Alison Murray and the Bookbug Library Challenge at Oxgangs Library

Bookbug’s Library Challenge runs in all libraries in Edinburgh. Talk to staff at your local library for more information.

How Dazzle designs lit up Easter

We ran Dazzle workshops over the Easter holidays in libraries across the city to see what interesting and varied patterns people would come up with for their empty ship outline.

More than 150 people took part over the holidays in events at Central, Moredun, Muirhouse, Oxgangs, Fountainbridge, Wester Hailes, Sighthill, Stockbridge, Granto, Ratho and Sighthill.   As you can see from our pictures there were a variety of techniques and approaches used by people of all ages!

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The resource was really intuitive with children of all ages quickly understanding how the resource works with some people returning to libraries to have another go, improving, refining and redrafting their patterns!

Many people liked colouring-in their patterns but there were interesting experiments with collage, fantastic detailed pencil illustration and bright, vibrant painting.

Feedback said the events were “a bit different” “really interesting” “worked great as a joining-in activity” “would like to see more events for families doing a project together” and “Very welcoming staff. I liked the idea of the project. It would be great if the project was promoted in schools.”

Staff at Granton thought that having examples of different techniques was a useful way to inspire people and create varied outcomes and a member of staff at Wester Hailes used his experience as a draughtsman to design a 3D template based on the initial outline.

Wester Hailes 3d

The events were our first attempt to do some work on Dazzles with a view to doing more work with schools this term, the forthcoming commemoration for the Battle of Jutland and the unveiling of Ciara Phillips’ Dazzle Ship and close partnership with Edinburgh Art Festival supporting exciting creative activities in libraries over the summer holiday.

Huge thanks to Ellis McKenzie for designing the outline and Out of the Blueprint for RISO printing the beautiful templates, and massive thanks to all the staff in libraries who took made it possible for so many people to Dazzle up their Easter break!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dazzle or using the resource in your school, library or after-school club contact Colm Linnane on or 0131-242 8121.

Library news round-up

As one month comes to an end and another begins let’s take a quick trip across the city to see what’s been happening in the capital’s libraries.

Much excitement among the members of Muirhouse Library’s children’s garden club as their daffodils and gladoli are beginning to bloom. Spring has almost sprung!

Sticking to the great outdoors, visitors to Portobello, Craigmillar and Piershill Librares have been having their say on the design of the new park in the area.

stockbridgeMeanwhile, Stockbridge Library has been exhibiting pictures by Boris Bittker (1916 -2005). A native New Yorker, Boris was a keen amateur photographer who travelled to many exotic and intriguing countries.

Next, news of some new groups and clubs meeting in libraries:

Satellart is a new group for 8 – 14 year olds in and around Oxgangs which brings together art, science and crafting. At our first meeting on Saturday we looked at the work of Mondrian.

Over at Corstorphine Library we are just about to launch a Colouring-In group for adults and a beginner’s chess club. Details on our web page.

Balerno and Colinton Libraries have both started Friday afternoon knitting clubs for kids. Balerno’s meets at 2.30pm and Colinton’s an hour later.

Star Wars fever is still in full ‘force’ down the road at Currie Library, where youngsters have been hard at work creating  Paper Plate Millennium Falcons and these terrifying Gamorrean Guard masks.

Finally, Many thanks to Tatsuya Yamauchi, Shun Mizobuchi and Kaori Kozakai for bringing a mix of Scottish and Japanese music to Morningside Library.







Why a US-based singer songwriter is playing a gig at Oxgangs Library

This is the video for Like Warriors, the new single from US-based singer songwriter Kathy Muir.

Kathy is originally from Oxgangs, and the song is about growing up there in the sixties and seventies.

This is where Oxgangs Library comes in. Kathy wanted to make a video featuring photos and film footage of Oxgangs as it was, and after a phenomenally successful Facebook appeal (which was featured in the Edinburgh Evening News) Kathy visited Oxgangs Library last month to collect even more pictures and meet some of the people who donated them. Here she is talking about her visit and the background to the project.

We’re delighted to say that Kathy will be making a return visit to the library tomorrow for a live performance at 3pm. We’re really looking forward to welcoming her back and seeing Like Warriors being performed live.

Celebrating 25 years of Oxgangs Library

1990: a momentous year. Gazza wept, Margaret Thatcher resigned… and Oxgangs Library opened its doors to the public.

We invited friends and supporters to join us in celebrating a quarter century at the heart of the local community. It is these community connections that we hope to work on so that in 25 years we will be celebrating a similar occasion for a community library that is even more fabulous than it is now!

Here’s Councillor Elaine Aitken (acting as Baillie representing the Lord Provost) cutting our birthday cake under the watchful eye of Library Team Leader John McGowan.

cake cutting

Meanwhile musical entertainment was provided by pupils from Firrhill High School


Edinburgh South West MP Joanna Cherry took the opportunity to peruse Book Week Scotland’s Journeys anthology.


And more tunes were supplied by Lindsay McCullough  – the only member of the original Oxgangs Library team who’s still working in Edinburgh Libraries.


Try our dyslexia-friendly library services

An informal opportunity over a cuppa to see the how our library services are helpful and accessible to adults with any level of dyslexia.

Oxgangs Library, Tuesday 24th March from 6.30 – 8.00pm

See how to use our e-books, and e-magazines…did you know the text can be fine-tuned to suit you?

Our e- audio books are great for listening to in the car, outside, anywhere.

We’ll try to answer your questions or put you in touch with somebody who can.

Andy McNab at Oxgangs Library

Fans of ‘Bravo Two Zero’ author Andy McNab got a rare chance to meet up with the master of action and suspense yesterday at Oxgangs Library.


The former SAS soldier spoke openly and engagingly about his tough upbringing, his experiences in the army, his writing life and his work in Hollywood.

Andy was particularly passionate when speaking about the importance of developing literacy skills and the power that comes with reading and knowledge.

A fascinating and inspirational talk – thanks Andy!