Our search for Ethel

Part four in our ‘There’s a Long Long Trail A-Winding’ series Janette, Library Services Officer with the Libraries’ Digital Team tells how some genealogy research enabled us to find Ethel’s family: Back in 2012 when we were making preparations to … Continue reading

Elsie Maud Inglis, (1864–1917)

26 November 2017 marks the 100th Anniversary of the death of one of Scotland’s most famous doctors and founder of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, Elsie Inglis. Elsie Maud Inglis was born in India on 16 August 1864 where her father was … Continue reading

Sheila Macbeth Mitchell (part 1)

Back in June, when we published our series of blog posts about Ethel Moir, a nurse who had served during World War One in the Scottish Women’s Hospital, we received an intriguing comment from someone called Jonathan. He had read … Continue reading

Scottish Women’s Hospitals

Part five in our There’s a Long Long Trail A-Winding Series When war broke out in August 1914, the people of Britain clamoured to do what they could to support the war effort. Men volunteered for the army and others … Continue reading

There’s a Long Long Trail A-Winding (part 3)

Ethel Moir served as a nursing orderly with the The Scottish Women’s Hospital (SWH) during World War One. At the start of the third volume of Ethel’s diary, it is February 1918, and she was once again preparing to leave Scotland … Continue reading

There’s a Long Long Trail A-Winding (part 2)

Alongside Ethel Moir’s two handwritten diaries from her time serving as a Scottish Women’s Hospital nursing orderly, there is also a photo album full of black and white images. Some of the photographs were presumably taken by Ethel herself, each … Continue reading

There’s a Long Long Trail A-Winding (part 1)

Sept 5th 1916 “We are supposed to reach Archangel in a couple of days, so I will start a letter, in hopes of getting it posted there. You will want to hear everything from the beginning; so here goes!” So … Continue reading