The Music Library adds a drum kit to their Music Studio!

Whether like BBC weatherman, Owain Wyn Evans, you are taking up the challenge to drum for 24 hours non-stop for charity, or if you want to crash your crash cymbal like Cozy Powell, beat your bass drum like Buddy Rich or be a drummer like Ringo Starr, we’ve got the answer!

Buddy Rich during a concert in Cologne (Germany) on 3 March 1977
by Paul Spürk, Paul Spürk, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

If you just want to practise your single strokes, double open stroke rolls or polish your paradiddles or adjust your diddles, we might be able to help you. Beat a path to our door!

If you understand this –

or would like to, don’t sit at your table drumming your fingers, when you could be here drumming on a real drum kit. 

The Music Library has a now got a drum kit which we have placed in our Music Studio. For most of the week we will ask players to play with headphones but at some points of the week, we will be able to let you play through the practice speaker.

The kit we have is a Carslbro CSD500 which comprises of:
1 x Commander 500 Sound Module

1 x 8″ Mesh Bass drum pad pad with bass kick pedal

1 x 10″ Mesh Dual-zone Snare pad and rim shot

3 x 8″ Mesh Dual-zone Tom pads

1 x 10″ Single-zone Hi-hat cymbal pad

1 x 12″ Dual-zone crash cymbal pad with choke

1 x 12″ Dual-zone ride cymbal pad with choke

1 x Hi-hat controller pedal

1 x sturdy 4-legged drum rack.

All this can be played through a Carlsbro 30w drum amp or through headphones. The Commander 500 sound module has lots of preset drum kit sounds, songs and a metronome to play along to. The drum kit is housed in the Music Studio with our second piano. We are hoping that you will come along and take advantage of this practice station within the library.

The Music Studio will be open when the Music Library/Central Library is open, which at present is:
Monday and Wednesday: 1pm – 8pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Contact the Music/Art & Design Team on 0131 242 8050 or alternatively email us on

If you’re emailing, give us your preferred date and time and we will get back to you with whether the piano/drum kit is available on your choice of day.   

Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band play the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, 2013
by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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