Want to get online? We can help!

Covid-19 has changed people’s lives in many ways. Perhaps, one of the most significant changes is that the use of technology in day-to-day life has become more important than ever before. With no social gatherings, cinemas or eating out, people are turning increasingly to online activities. Whether it’s online shopping, entertainment, work meetings or social gatherings with family and friends, the use of technology is almost unavoidable.

Our libraries have a wide range of books on technology. Whether it’s learning to use a device, learning to use the internet or becoming confident on social media, we’ve got it all covered. As our online presence becomes more and more frequent, staying safe online becomes equally important, so it is essential to know about online safety too.

While our library buildings are closed and there is no access to physical books, we have a selection of resources available online to help! We have a new Get Online collection of ebooks to help you with the basics of computing, the internet and social media available to borrow from Overdrive/Libby app.

If you’re worried about home-schooling and keeping children entertained during lockdown, you’ll find an extensive range of online resources for children on the Your Library website’s KidsZone.

The Digital Team’s Get Online programme have been highlighting resources to help improve life online throughout lockdown and beyond. The team have compiled a help section on the Your Library website of recommended online tools and resources and trustworthy online learning programmes.

And if you need further help to get online, the Digital Team can provide free help and support to anyone who is struggling. They can answer quick digital enquiries and also provide free one-to-one support sessions on, for example, keeping in touch with family and friends, setting up and using emails or learning how to use your device. The Get Online service provides advice and support by phone, email and video call platforms.  

You can also contact the Your Library Helpline if you need help getting started or trouble-shooting our ebook, audiobook, magazine or newspapers services.

So don’t just get put off by technology – get in touch with us at informationdigital@edinburgh.gov.uk and get going!

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