Who was William Creech?

William Creech was well known in his time, something of a mover and shaker, you might say, but today his name is hardly known. A new story on Our Town Stories describes the man and his legacy.

The story includes images depicting the Edinburgh he knew, when he sold his books from one of the luckenbooths beside St Giles Cathedral and then when his fortunes grew and he moved to the New Town to reflect his new found status.

A view of the Old Town, by A. Kay, engraved by I. Clark, 1812

The story also includes little-seen and very special material from our collections – excerpts from Creech’s personal letter copybooks and accounts giving a true insight into his character and life.

Best remembered for being the first person to publish Robert Burns’ poems, he was highly influential in Edinburgh society and served as Lord Provost.

Read more about William Creech and his publishing legacy on Our Town Stories.

2 thoughts on “Who was William Creech?

  1. Hello,I was wondering if you could help at all.I attach a photo of a painting by Nasmyth  which is hanging in National Gallery.On looking at an old map of 1849, the circled building is St Mary’s RC school. The curator in the Gallery said it is Trinity Church. I know for sure that is incorrect.I was trying to get some info on the school. When it was built, destroyed? Was it also a church? I cannot find anything….obviously looking in wrong places.Thanks in advance Janet WatsonSent from my Galaxy


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