Muirhouse Instrument Library

Muirhouse Library now offer a musical instrument lending service! The idea for an Instrument Library came about during a discussion between the library, North Edinburgh Arts and Tinderbox before a gathering of youth providers in the local Muirhouse area. Tinderbox run music production classes and lessons out of the art centre, but only during school term time. They were looking for a way for their catalogue of instruments to be made available during the holidays but didn’t have means to monitor or issue the equipment. That’s where the library came in – in what seemed an obvious move, as the means to lend items is at the very core of our service – we offered to house the instruments and manage their usage.
And so, the Muirhouse Instrument Library was born.

We have a great selection of instruments that are available to borrow for one week from Muirhouse Library. To be eligible to borrow an instrument you need to live in the Muirhouse area, have a library card and be aged between 10 and 25 years old. If you are under 16 you will need to get parental/guardian permission.

If practice space is an issue, space may be used in the Art centre or in the library community room, subject to availability on the day.

Instruments available:

  • Violin – full size
  • Violin – ¾ size
  • Guitar – ¾ size
  • Keyboard
  • Ukulele
  • Accordion
  • Flute (plastic)
  • Clarinet
  • Recorder
  • Alto saxophone
  • Trumpet (plastic)
  • Trombone (plastic)

The instruments are a resource for young people of Muirhouse, if you wish to learn or are currently learning but don’t have access to an instrument or you have a gig and need an extra sound. Whatever your reason for wanting to borrow an instrument, all we ask is that you take care of it, love it even, so that the next person can get as much out of it as we hope you will.

For further information on the Muirhouse Instrument Library, Tinderbox or North Edinburgh Arts, please contact or

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