New partnership between Iisalmi Library, Finland and Edinburgh Libraries

Edinburgh Libraries and Iisalmi Library in Finland are starting an exciting new partnership that offers the opportunity to share and discuss experiences and cooperate by organising joint activities.

Iisalmi is a vibrant middle-sized city in the Upper Savonia  in the northeast of the country surrounded by lakes, rivers, and woodland. It has about 22,000 inhabitants and is known for the Olvi brewery and Genelec speaker factory among others. The library is located in the Iisalmi Cultural Centre, which also contains the Iisalmi Community College, Music College, Nature Museum and two main halls for different cultural events. The building opened in 1989, so it is its 30th anniversary this year.

Like Edinburgh Libraries Iisalmi has a collection of physical and electronic materials with the emphasis very much on printed books which form 80% of the total collection and the library offers a range of activities for all ages.

“Toimintatiistait” (Action Tuesdays), is a monthly programme of guided events organized jointly with the Iisalmi Youth Services. Sessions already organised for this Spring include, robotics, movie trailer workshop and gaming picnic.

Twice monthly reading dog sessions, promote children’s reading skills in cooperation with trained dogs and their owners.

The Reading Circle and Book Café, promote adult reading activities through discussion and reading tips.

Find out more about the city of Iisalmi

This partnership is the latest of many library collaborations under the NAPLE Sister Libraries cooperation programme for public libraries.

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