Teddy bears’ sleepover at Central Library

Last week some very special guests got to spend the night in Central Children’s Library. Here’s what they got up…

When the children arrived with their teddies, they all enjoyed a storytime together.Storytime

And then they went on a bear hunt… looking for a bear…One shiny nose, two big eyes…
Oh, no, it’s a …. bear!

bear hunt

Run, run, all the way home!

But not before there’s time for some bear crafts, making teddy bear bookmarks.

8 crafts v2

And a tasty snack before bedtime.

10 snacktime

The children had one last dance with the teddies…

32 teddies to bed

… before putting the teddies to bed.
Night night Horsey
Night night Little Tiger
Night night Pilchard and night night Charly
Night night Baby and night night Sheepy
Night night Panda, sleep tight Cheeky Monkey, sweet dreams Dala, snug as a bug Bernie, don’t get lost Paddington, night night Mr Bukowski.
We’ll come and get you in the morning.

34 teddies to bed

All snuggled up for sleep…

36 bed

Ahhhh. Sweet dreams –

– but wait a second, what’s going on? The teddies have got out of bed and they’re playing cards and games…

21 cards


30 paint

and lego!

29 lego

Teddy DJ Cheeky Monkey plays the tunes.

28 monkey dj

And then it’s competition time. Who can climb the highest?

23 climbing

Who can jump the furthest?

24 furthest

Mr Bukowski takes a wander to the Lending Library to find something to read.

26 Bukowski

At last the bears are sleepy and they get ready for bed.

wash time

Finally tucked up in bed, there’s time for one last bedtime story.

12 bedtime

Night, night everyone, we can’t wait to tell the children what fun we’ve had.
14 bedtime

Morning sleepy heads… it’s breakfast time.

15 breakfast

Let’s choose some books for children to borrow from the library.

16 choosing a book

And we have to remember to tell them to join the Big Friendly Read challenge!

19 SRC

Here they are, waiting for the children to arrive to take them home.

20 home time

Bye bye teddies, come again soon!

1 thought on “Teddy bears’ sleepover at Central Library

  1. What a FUN and EXCITING sleepover! Thank you so much! We really enjoyed seeing all those photos and reading what they got up to! Little Tiger can’t wait to go back!


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