Ten of the strangest book-related sites on the internet

If there’s one thing we love almost as much as books it’s bizarre book-themed web sites. Here are ten of the oddest we’ve come across. If we’ve missed out your favourite, leave a comment and let us know.

Weird Book Room

AbeBooks Weird Book Room

“The finest source of everything that’s bizarre, odd and downright weird in books. Everyone’s talking about it – author Neil Gaiman is even tweeting about it, posting a link and suggesting his followers: “Go to this link and gaze on the titles and be made happy. Trust me. It’ll work

Least helpful

“Daily dispatches from the Internet’s Worst Reviewers”

Ask the past

Advice from old – and we do mean old –  books on everything from conversing politely to playing with a cat. The site is authored by Elizabeth Archibald, who has a PhD in History from Yale University.

Awful Library Books

Awful library books

Run by two Michigan librarians, Awful Library Books exists to bring the world’s attention to library books which are odd, outdated… and awful.

Awesome People Reading 

Pictures of Awesome People! Reading!

Good Show, Sir

“Because sometimes, a book cover is so bad that all you can do is step back in wonder and say “Good show, sir, good show”.

Good show, sir

Better book titles

Such as ‘Adults are horrible‘ by Roald Dahl and ‘Anyone can learn to love Christmas if you scare them enough‘ by Charles Dickens. And if you like this, you’ll love…


Classics of literature ultra-condensed for your amusement and entertainment

Mr William Shakespeare’s Insult Generator

Offend your friends in the style of the bard

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Where WWW means “Wretched Writers Welcome“. Opening lines of the worst books never written.




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