How I engage with books – and how you could, too

By a dyslexic library member

I’d like to share three things that motivate me, as  a dyslexic adult, to engage with books. Good practice for dyslexic people is of course good practice for everyone else too.

So whether you find books difficult or not, you might find some useful tips below.

reader1)    Self-belief and knowledge based on experience

Two things that encourage me to engage with books are believing that I can do it, and knowing that I know how to.  Crucially, my self-belief and knowledge are based on my own experience.  It’s a bit like learning to swim – you have to make it from one side of the pool to the other before you know you can do it.  I’ve successfully engaged with books before by finding approaches that work for me, and using them.  So I know that all I need to do is repeat this process.

2)    Knowing that books are good for me

Until 4 years ago I blamed myself for my inadequacies.  Then I was identified with dyslexia and I realised that I have a set of difficulties caused by dyslexia.  My experience as an unidentified, unsupported dyslexic has ingrained in me some unhelpful attitudes and behaviours, including a proclivity to work.  Because these attitudes and behaviours are so ingrained and numerous, I need strong conviction or motivation to counteract them.  Otherwise they take precedence over positive behaviours such as self-care.  Knowing that books are good for me motivates me to engage with them.  It also gives me conviction in doing so.

3) Self-motivation

Previously, I didn’t enjoy books because I wasn’t able to successfully engage with them.  But since I’ve worked out how I need to approach books, I have become a book enthusiast.  For the first time in my life I am able to enjoy engaging with books, and feel confident in my ability to do so.  I am self-motivated now that book engagement is rewarding for me – it’s something I want to do.

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1 thought on “How I engage with books – and how you could, too

  1. If you have found this blog post helpful, you may be interested in another one called ‘Engaging with Books: Narrative and Dyslexia-Friendly Features’ at It looks at how quality story-telling and dyslexia-friendly features can help us to engage with books.


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