Alternative Urban Landscapes

We love this photograph. It was taken by Louise King, whose work is currently on display in the Art and Design Library.

Louise King Poster Image (2)

Musselburgh-based Louise told us a bit more about herself and her photography:

“I am currently studying at Edinburgh College. For the past couple of years I have been taking pictures to try and show my everyday environment in a more abstract way. I like to use reflection, distortion and space to highlight my subjects and challenge the viewer.

Most of my images are taken in and around Edinburgh, but also include Glasgow, Liverpool, and London.

I will take a picture of anything, anywhere, using any method that I can-if I notice something unusual or striking I want to try and record it. I enjoy trying to uncover the unusual in the everyday – a building captured in a puddle, or a reflection on a wet pavement. There is so much we miss when we are so familiar with our surroundings, but there is always a different perspective there, waiting to be found.”

Alternative Urban Lansdscapes will be on show in the Art and Design Library until 29 March.

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