‘Vista’ – Scottish quick reads for adults

By a dyslexic library member

I discovered a series of 12 books recently called ‘Vista’.  Once I’d read one I wanted to read them all, and I did, at a rate of knots.  In this blog post I’m going to tell you about the ‘Vista’ books, how I find them, and how they help me.   I’m also going to signpost you to a resource that gives details of ‘Vista’ and more series like it.

The ‘Vista’ books:

  • were written between 2004 and 2007, by authors resident in Scotland
  • are aimed at adults with differing levels of reading skills, from the emergent to the accomplished
  • are available in a wide range of formats: traditional print, e-book, eAudio, CD, cassette, play script
  • include fiction and non-fiction forms e.g. crime, sci-fi, biography, journalism
  • feature a wide variety of themes e.g. football, trust, alcoholism

How I find the ‘Vista’ books 

The ‘Vista’ books help me because

  • they give me confidence and motivation to read other books

and also because they allow me to:

  • enjoy Scottish books (I love Scottish literature but mainstream books are often not accessible for me in print and not available in alternative formats)
  • try out new writers and styles at a reading level that is manageable for me
  • ‘overlearn’ each book by engaging with it in more than one format
  • develop my reading speed

Further information on ‘Vista’ and more series like it

There is a complete list of the Vista books at https://capitadiscovery.co.uk/edinburgh/lists/316e9046-0223-5112-b736-c4ac081b377d.  If you read them all, sadly you will have to say ‘hasta la vista, Vista’ because the series is complete.  But the good news for ‘Vista’ fans is that there are many similar series available from Edinburgh Libraries.

You will find details, including some great support resources, in this Series of books for adults designed to be dyslexia-friendly.

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