What you researched at the library

Access to Research logoOne of the (numerous) benefits of library membership is being able to log on to Access to Research.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Access to Research gives free access to over 10 million academic articles – the kind of material that was formerly only available to academics, students and those who could afford the prohibitive subscription costs.

Access to Research is only available in UK public libraries, and we’re delighted to report that levels of use within Edinburgh Libraries puts us in the top ten nationally.

So what do people use Access to Research for? We recently got our hands on this list of 20 of the most used search terms. We wanted to share these with you to give you an idea of the breadth of material available, and get a sense of how it’s being used.

Japanese knotweed
inclusive education in brazil
social worker
art history
compassion in nursing
Journal of small animal practice
“mental health support” and “general practice”
memantine and bipolar
treating cognitive impairment bipolar
blood donation
The Economic History Review
United Nation sanction on Iran journals
teaching maths systematic review
anthropology ghosts
medical ethics obligation on the battlefield

Want to know more? Start now by viewing which articles and journals are available from home, then visit your local library and ask a member of staff to log you on and get access to the full text of the articles you are interested in.


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