A dramatic retelling of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay riot

A week on Saturday Central Library hosts a dramatic reading about a little known event from Edinburgh’s history: the violent Hogmanay riot of 1811 / 1812.

For a few hours gangs of youths took over the city’s street, felling and robbing gentlemen. Tradesmen were carefully excluded.

The outcome was the hanging of three boys for robbery and the murder of a policeman. Two were buried in Greyfriars’ Churchyard, the third, Hugh McIntosh, publicly anatomised at the University. The play also speculates about the role a nightingale may have played in shaping Edinburgh’s new, modern police force.

“Ferocious Banditti” by Carloyn Lincoln of the WEA Playwrights Workshop, will be performed by the Citadel Arts Group.

Central Library, Saturday 5 December, 2.00 – 3.45pm

Book a free ticket now!




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