World War One from the pages of the Illustrated London News

World War One was promised to be the war to end all wars. However, rather than end all wars, WW1 instead transformed warfare forever.

The latest exhibitions on Capital Collections highlight pages from the Illustrated London News. The exhibitions examine the war through five themes: Women and Children during the War, Animals and War, Modernising Warfare, Sacrifice and Support for World War One, and Maintaining Morale.

Through these themes the impacts of and changes caused by the World War One become more evident; WWI reshaped borders, increased nationalism which furthered political tensions, sparked revolution, altered domestic and gender roles, modernised warfare, and cost the lives of millions on both sides of the line.

In reviewing the reports of this time published in the Illustrated London News, the exhibitions offer both a present-day as well as a historical look at the Great War.  Shifting between history and memory, the way the war affected the world is translated from the perspective of the soldier, of the governments and leaders involved, and of the common man trying to survive a perilous and ever-changing time in human history.

Browse this amazing contemporary coverage of World War One on Capital Collections.



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