Overcoming a reluctance to read. Part 6 of 6: series and reviews

by a dyslexic library member

In the previous four blog posts in this series, we’ve been looking at  helping reluctant readers to engage with books through:

  • ·         using different formats;
  • ·         booklists on the library catalogue and elsewhere; and
  • ·         creating and editing your own booklists

By the term ‘reluctant reader’ I mean anyone who is reluctant to read for whatever reason, including reading difficulties and dyslexia.

This final blog post in the series gives information on book series and tells you how to add your own book reviews to the catalogue.

What is the difference between a list and a series?

  • A list can have any type of publications on it, in any combination e.g. one ‘Quick Read’, two ‘Barrington Stokes’ and five ‘Penguin Classics’
  • A series contains all the titles on the catalogue of one type of publication only e.g. ‘Very Short Introductions’
  • As a library member, you cannot create a series

Series and lists can complement each other.  For example, if you want to identify this year’s ‘Quick Reads’ books, you can look up the ‘Quick Reads’ series and save the 2015 titles as a list.

How can I find a series on the catalogue?

You can only find a series by using the catalogue’s search box.  Key in the word ‘series’ followed by a colon then the name of the series in brackets.

For example, to search for the Quick Reads series, key in ‘series:(Quick Reads)’ . Omit the speech marks.  Do not insert a space between the colon and the first bracket.

Recommend books to others by adding reviews to the catalogue

Another way to recommend books using the catalogue (as well as sharing booklists) is by adding a review of a book you have read or listened to.  Reviews are also sometimes tweeted on the library’s twitter page.  See the last paragraph in the following document for step-by-step instructions of how to add a review: http://yourlibrary.edinburgh.gov.uk/sites/default/files/help/searching_the_edinburgh_libraries_catalogue.pdf.


Top tip on adding a review: copy and paste your review into Word before clicking on Save because if the webpage has timed out you will lose all your text when you click on Save.

Summary of this blog post

This sixth of six blog posts in our series has explored:

  • The difference between a list and a series;
  • How you can find a series on the catalogue; and
  • How you can add a book review to the catalogue

Which books would you recommend to others?  Why not create a list or write a review – or both?  If you do not have any recommendations to give just now, this blog post will always be here for future reference.

Summary of this series of blog posts

We have reached the end of this series of blog posts. In these posts, we have explored some things that can help reluctant readers to engage with books, namely:

  • engaging with books in more than one format;
  • finding and making recommendations through booklists and reviews; and
  • five useful resources offered by the library and others

Finally, if this blog series has made you curious to find out more about dyslexia, please see http://www.dyslexiascotland.org.uk


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