Overcoming a reluctance to read: Part 4 of 6

by a dyslexic library member

This blog post tells you about five resources that can help reluctant readers to engage with books.

The resources complement the flexible approach and booklists that we looked at in the last two blog posts in this series.

By the term ‘reluctant reader’ I mean anyone who is reluctant to read for whatever reason, including reading difficulties and dyslexia.

1. ‘Four easy ways to find the right book for you’

This library blog post tells you about a variety of resources that will help you to find books you will like.  .

2. E-books

Many books are available as e-books.  You can customise the appearance of e-books.  For example, you can adjust the font and size of text.  This might make a huge difference to how readable you find the print.

3. ‘Dyslexia-friendly library resources’

This section on the library’s website gives information on library resources that can help dyslexics.

It includes a links page and a pdf download that gives details of how to search the catalogue.

 4. ‘Accessing Books – A Guide for Dyslexic Adults’

‘Accessing Books’ is a guide which gives lots of ideas and information on how to successfully engage with books. It is free to download.

 5. Dyslexia Stories

If you avoid reading because you find it difficult, discovering people’s personal stories of dyslexia could be a way into reading for you.

  • For my booklist of personal stories of dyslexia, see:

Dyslexia: Personal Stories

In the next couple of blog post of this series, I will tell you about creating your own lists and tags, which are a feature of lists.


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