Overcoming a reluctance to read. Part 3 of 6: Booklists

by a dyslexic library member

The previous blog post in this series looked at using more than one format to engage with books, and how this can help reluctant readers.

By the term ‘reluctant reader’ I mean anyone who is reluctant to read for whatever reason, including reading difficulties and dyslexia.

Something else that helps me to engage with books is if someone recommends books to me.

A way to share book recommendations is to create a list and publish it.  You can do this as a library member through the library catalogue.

I have created and shared some booklists for reluctant readers on the catalogue. This blog post tells you about my booklists and a few others too.  Think of them as tools to engage with books.

My booklists for reluctant readers on the library catalogue

– What’s on these booklists?

The books on my lists constitute ‘good choices’ for me in some way, such as books that:

  • help me to manage my dyslexia;
  • are available in a format that is easier for me than print, e.g. audio; or
  • are recommended by the Scottish Book Trust

– Where can I find these booklists?

Anyone with internet access can view the lists via the links below or by browsing http://capitadiscovery.co.uk/edinburgh/lists/all

You don’t need to log in as a library member to view the lists

– What age groups are the lists for? 

Some of the lists specify which age group they are for.  The rest vary in this respect.

– Are these booklists for reluctant readers or dyslexics?

Please do not be put off by the terms ‘dyslexia-friendly’, ‘dyslexics’ and ‘dyslexia’ in the titles and content of these lists. If you are a reluctant reader, you will find these lists and resources helpful whether you are dyslexic or not.

– What are the titles and links for these lists?

Print books that are dyslexia-friendly by nature e.g. short stories

Books that can support dyslexics to engage with books

Books that are dyslexia-friendly by design e.g. Barrington Stoke

Graphic novels

Audio books

Fiction and non-fiction on dyslexia

Recent books by Scottish authors recommended by the Scottish Book Trust

Booklists for reluctant readers by people other than me:

1)     On the library catalogue

2) On the Scottish Book Trust website

The reading lists on the Scottish Book Trust’s website are not specifically for reluctant readers, but they recommend books for different age groups.

In the next blog post in this series we will look at five more resources that may be of help to reluctant readers.


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