Ian Rankin and Jeffery Deaver at Edinburgh Central Library

Our latest Edinburgh Reads event was a real treat for crime fiction fans as the Central Reference Library played host to a discussion between bestselling US crime writer Jeffery Deaver and Edinburgh’s own Ian Rankin.

Ian spoke of a camaraderie among crime authors and this was evident as he and Jeffery shared anecdotes about the part libraries had played in their development as readers and writers.

It was illuminating to hear the authors talk about their inspirations and techniques. We learned that even though these writers had much in common they also differed in many respects, for example in their approach to giving their characters a hinterland beyond the case that is the subject of their book.

DSC_7599 copy

A wide-ranging conversation took in many other topics including music, James Bond, award ceremonies and jury selection techniques for the O.J. Simpson trial.

Deaver also talked about the incident during a Greenwich Village Halloween Parade that was the spark of inspiration for his latest thriller Solitude Creek.

DSC_7586 copy

The hour closed with questions from the audience about whether the authors read other novels while they were writing (Ian Rankin: yes, but not so much crime fiction) and their thoughts on eBooks (Jeffery Deaver: so long as people are reading that’s the main thing, but he does have a personal preference for the physical book).

We’re massively grateful to both authors for making this unique event so informative and enjoyable.

Check our event listings for details of forthcoming author visits.

Photographs: Andrew JL Ansell Photographic


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