The Curious Incident of the Giant Book Group

Autism Awareness Day is on 2nd April. That’s a bit away we know, but there’s a good reason for bringing it up now.

That evening we’ll be hosting a Giant Book Group, where we’ll be discussing Mark Haddon’s ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’.

As you may know, the stage version of the book is coming to Edinburgh at the end of April, and on our guest panel will be Cerin Richardson from the Festival Theatre, who have very kindly donated two pairs of tickets for the show which we’ll be giving away in a prize draw.

Joining Cerin will be Matthew Day from Autism Initiatives, who will discuss some of the challenges faced by people living with autism.

Prior to our panel session we’ll be holding small group discussions about the book . If you haven’t read it already you can of course borrow a copy from the library, and if you need a set for your book group we may be able to help you out.

The event itself is free, with refreshments provided. It all kicks off at Central Library, from 6.30pm, on Thursday 2nd April.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now.

Part of a programme of events organised by Autism Edinburgh.





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