“I love the atmosphere at the library” Noelia’s story

NoeliaWith National Libraries Day fast approaching what better time to share this story about the difference libraries have made to the life of one of our members:

“My name is Noelia. I am a Spanish girl who came to Edinburgh running away from the big recession that is taking place in my home country.

I chose Scotland because I knew about its wonderful landscape and its marvellous and friendly people. I chose Edinburgh because it is such a cultural city. It is the birthplace of so many fantastic and famous writers and so diverse significant celebrities. This city captured me from the very beginning.

I found Edinburgh Libraries a passionate place to be. I spend most of my free time there – a place where you can read, study, talk, have a coffee, meet people and attend  numerous cultural events. I love the atmosphere at the library. It makes me feel comfortable. It makes me feel at home.

I joined the ESOL Reading Group because I found it very useful in order to practise my English. In this group you can improve your English by reading and by talking to people and feel confident while you do so. I realise that this group has given me more than just that. Joining this group has given me the opportunity to love and enjoy reading in a second language.

I have come to know several Scottish authors. It has also made me aware of how much the reading can provide you with. It can give you new vocabulary to learn, new themes to know and to talk and discuss about. It gives you new knowledge about places and people and I enjoy sharing with people in the same situation as me. It has been very supportive in this new chapter of my life.

Thanks to the Edinburgh library for giving us the opportunity to love improving our English through the reading and the speaking about books;  for making  things easier for newcomers from other countries; for giving us the courage to keep improving. Thanks for your support!”

If your English is at intermediate level or above, you are very welcome to join Noelia and others like her.

We meet from 2.30pm-3.30pm the first Wednesday of each month, in the Central Library, George IV Bridge. For more information please contact wendy.pearson@edinburgh.gov.uk


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