Jamie Oliver, living with dementia and the referendum. What we read in 2014.

So what were the most-borrowed non-fiction books from Edinburgh Libraries this year?

If we take travel guides out of the equation (Portugal being this year’s preferred destination), Save with Jamie was our most popular non-fiction title.

It’s easy to see the appeal of this guide to smart shopping and reducing food waste, but our next most popular title was perhaps more of a surprise.

Sally Magnusson’s Where memories go is a moving and powerful account of losing a mother to dementia.

Eric Lomax is another author with an Edinburgh connection, and the film adaptation of The Railway Man was undoubtedly a factor in the demand for his memoir.

The 2014 news agenda was of course dominated by the Independence Referendum and it’s worth noting that even though the white paper was freely available online, lots of you borrowed the paper copy of ‘Scotland’s Future’ .

The same applies to The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers. Even though library members can log on to Theory Test Pro for free, there’s still a significant demand for the printed version.

Top twenty most borrowed non-fiction titles from Edinburgh Libraries 2014

1. Portugal (travel guide)

2. Save with Jamie by Jamie Oliver

3. Where memories go by Sally Magnusson

4. The Official DSA theory test for car drivers

5. Spain (travel guide)

6. Italy (travel guide)

7. Scotland’s Future

8. Stamps of the World: Stanley Gibbons Simplified Catalogue

9. France (travel guide)

10. The Railway Man by Eric Lomax

11. Making it happen: Fred Goodwin, RBS and the men who blew up the British economy by Iain Martin

12. Catastrophe: Europe goes to war by Max Hastings

13. This boy by Alan Johnson

14. Blossom: a journey beyond independence by Lesley Riddoch

15. Philomena: a mother, her son and a fifty year search by Martin Sixsmith

16. Sane new world: taming the mind by Ruby Wax

17. Easy knitting: 30 projects to make for your home and to wear

18. The examined life by Stephen Grosz

19. London (travel guide)

20. Love, Nina: despatches from a family life by Nina Stibbe


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