Topical chat with the Owls

Libertus Owls have been meeting weekly at South Neighbourhood Office and Library at 40 Captain’s Road for over a year. We caught up with founder member Marie to find out more about the group.

What are Libertus Owls?

We are a friendly over 50s group who like to chat about current affairs, local news and topical issues.The group discuss events in the news over the past week, excluding politics and religion.

Libertus Owls

How do you prevent discussions from becoming overheated?

We aim to stay friendly with no major altercations. That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t have disagreements. Of course we do.  Everybody is entitled to their own slant on life, but we’re always willing to listen and sometimes learn from opposing views. One discussion always leads to another discussion, and keeps everything lively.

Sounds great. Can anyone join?

The group, at the moment, has about 6 core members with visitors coming and going.  We have room for a few more, so why not drop by the library and join us for a chat and coffee on Wednesdays at 10am?

Contact the Owls through South Neighbourhood Office and Library.


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