Another mysterious gift!!

mystery giftChristmas came early to the Edinburgh and Scottish Collection at Central Library this week when an anonymous donor left a mysterious gift on the shelves.


Along with a tiny coffin containing a doll-like figure, modelled on those found on Arthur’s Seat  in 1836, was a card inscribed with the following:


To Edinburgh City Libraries

— A Gift —

For the folklore, history, archaeology, supernatural…

“‘I’m Jamie, Dr Brodie. Do you remember me?’ Rennie blinked; swallowing hard to suppress the nausea surging upwards from his boots on its way to crash into the roof. A pounding giddiness took immediate possession of him, making it difficult for him to focus on anything; every image, including the old man and his mute partner now blurred as blurred again as they were during the mighty tremblings of the device. 

‘I… I’m afraid I do not know what you mean sir – are you not a lad from Patrick…’ Rennie was reeling, desperate for any respite. The reply was immediate. 

‘You must remember “Daft Jamie” sir, the lad you murdered in Edinburgh last year in your first experiment with your scientific machine'”

We’ve established that these words are taken from Christopher Wallace’s novel ‘The Resurrection Club’, but more remains unknown.

Is this the latest gift of the legendary Edinburgh Mystery Book Sculptor? Or do we have a copycat on our hands?

We’re not sure. But we’ve a feeling we haven’t heard the last of this…

What do you think? Do let us know.

And if you’d like to see the coffin for yourself visit the Edinburgh and Scottish Collection at Central Library where we’d be delighted to show it to you.


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