Green Pencil Award winner announced!

Iona MacLaren

Congratulations to Iona MacLaren from Blackhall Primary, this year’s winner of our Green Pencil Award for creative writing on an environmental theme.

Finalists from schools across Edinburgh attended last night’s awards ceremony at Central Library, where Iona was presented with the overall prize by author Vivian French and Councillor Richard Lewis, Convenor of Culture and Sport Committee at the City of Edinburgh Council.

And here’s the poem that beat off over 1000 other entries to claim the coveted trophy:

The Mysteries of Our Seas

A sharp
Twisting body
Twirling, diving
Through the
Murky water

Its silver skin
Cuts through
The light
Sifting down
Fathomless dust

I see
A flipper
Slap the water
Suddenly appearing
Then turning
As though cloaked
By merciless mist
And cold
A cold as freezing
As the frozen

Creatures call
And crawl
And slither
Plants sway
Like branches
In the wind
Coral, bubbles
And anemones
Of this mystical
Looking like plump
On a crusty platter

I look around
And all I see
Are mysteries of
Our Scottish seas

Well done Iona, and congratulations to all our other finalists, whose work you can enjoy in this special commemorative brochure.

Green Pencil Award Winners


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