How to be a super-borrower

Five tips to help you save time choosing, ordering and collecting your books from the library. Leaving you more time to READ!

Choosing made easy

Out of the many book recommendation sites out there, two of our favourites are WhichBook, which has a really unique way of finding the right book for you, and if you have a favourite author or genre Who Else Writes Like? makes finding new authors you’ll love a piece of cake.

Reserve and collect

So you’ve found the books you want to read. Next step is to reserve them on the library catalogue to be delivered to your nearest library.


We’ll email you when your books are ready for collection. So simple!

Make a reading wishlist. Or two. Or three.

But what if your to-read list is so long that it’s just not practical to reserve everything at once? Log in to your account and save these titles to a list.

save to list


You can have as many lists as you want, and you can make them public to share with other library members, or if you prefer, keep them private.


Add a book review to the catalogue

Once you’ve finished a book you can share your thoughts with other library members by posting a review on the library catalogue.



If you need any help with any of this, JUST ASK! You don’t even need to be in the library to do so. You can phone, email, tweet, or even leave a message on your library’s Facebook page.

Happy reading.


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