The story of Corstorphine

We’re indebted to The Corstorphine Trust for collaborating on a history of Corstorphine with us for Our Town Stories. They’ve also shared many fantastic pictures from their archives with us to allow us to tell the story of Corstorphine from the 12th century to present day.

Corstorphine High Street

Corstorphine has a rich and vivid history. Read about the Old Parish Church, and its even older predecessor, the neighbouring fortress and loch, and the murder of one of the founding Forrester Clan. In the 18th century, people travelled to Corstorphine to take the waters at a well reputed for its healing powers. In 1920, Corstorphine became part of Edinburgh and farmlands stood where now there are shopping centres and housing estates.There’s recollections of Corstorphine train station and a line of trams waiting to pick up crowds of rugby fans from Murrayfield. And look out for the celebrity opening the 1960 Corstorphine Fair…

Get in touch with if you’d like to share the story of your neighbourhood on Our Town Stories.



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