LoFi Photography Exhibition

“I love the craft of old fashioned film photography, something as simple as paper, light and chemical techniques transform the world into unique images. It is always exciting, always unpredictable, sometimes it disappoints but often it creates wonderful accidents which you don’t get in digital photography.” – Mary Gordon, LoFi member.

Suitable for everyone interested in making photographs rather than just taking them, the Edges exhibition showcases the work of seven modern photography practitioners who revel in the anticipation, unpredictability and craft that slow photographic processes bring. Paper and film are transformed by light and chemical techniques to form unique images.

Following in the footsteps of Hill and Adamson, the Edinburgh LoFi Photography Group has focused on producing quality, hand-made pictures. Edges explores the boundaries of modern and traditional, observation and participation, urban and rural, new and old.

Fine Art Library, until 29th September


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