Back to school with Our Town Stories

Whether you went to school in Edinburgh or not, you can’t help but be aware of the city’s long educational history. Its streets are lined with buildings that were involved in Edinburgh’s educational past.  In the latest Our Town Story we investigate the history of schools in the Capital and discover the hidden past of some of the city’s buildings.

Bonnington Academy IV & V classes

Find out how Edinburgh has one of the oldest schools in the world and where the poor were educated in the early eighteenth century. Learn about the intriguing monotorial system and the Ragged Schools Movement.  See which schools haven’t survived and which are still around today.

Our Town Stories provides a unique, interactive look at Edinburgh’s history. It blends images, maps and information from the collections of Edinburgh Libraries into online stories about the city’s places, people and events that appeal to both young and old. Log on today to see what you can find!


One thought on “Back to school with Our Town Stories

  1. This is a photograph of Bonnington Academy (174 Newhaven Road). The headmaster in the photo is James W Hunter. The school was founded in 1868 by Mr Hunter’s father Davidson Hunter who had previously taught at McLean’s School (19 Thistle Street) and before that in the 1850’s at Dr Guthrie’s Original Ragged school on Castle Hill. Bonnington Academy closed in 1931 when Wardie Primary School was opened. It was re-established for a few years as a private school but finally closed in the mid-1930’s.


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