#bookadayuk reading suggestions for August

Over the past couple of months readers have been tweeting daily book recommendations on a particular theme using the hashtag #bookadayuk.

We’ve listed August’s daily themes below. Even if you’re not on twitter feel free to join in by telling us which books you’d recommend for any (or all!) of the following categories.

1. To start: most arresting opening line

2. Best pairing of words and pictures

3. Favourite collection of short stories

4. Best graphic novel

5. Classic hero/ine or antihero/ine

6. Best for a bedtime story

7. Enjoyed by several generations

8. Never fails to cheer me up

9. Most powerful storytelling

10. Best written bestseller

11. Ideal for a book group

12. Most practical book

13. Favourite ‘controversial’ read

14. Best quick read

15. Best looooooooooooooong read

16. This book defends the undefended

17. Most beautifully designed book

18. I read it to impress (and did it?)

19. Best YA book

20. The sequel was even better than the first

21. Helps to tackle a tricky subject

22. Snog / marry /avoid: nineteenth century novel characters

23. Best picture book for older readers

24. Best biography / autobiography

25. Recommendation for a bank holiday

26. A book worth persevering with

27. Classic most relevant to now

28. Most timeless contemporary book

29. Was totally worth the hype

30. Best back to school book

31. Top book of the month


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