How to read when you don’t have time to read

If you love books and reading, finding new books to read is not an issue. It’s finding the time to sit down and read them that’s the problem!

One of the best things about audiobooks (which library members can download free from OverDrive , Borrowbox and OneClickDigital) is that they allow you to catch up on your ‘reading’ while you’re doing something else, whether that’s exercising, gardening, doing the housework or travelling.

(Some readers even borrow the audio version of the physical book they’ve got out of the library to help them get through it even faster!)

As well as giving you the chance to get through that ‘to be read’ list while you’re otherwise occupied, listening to someone narrate the book adds a new and sometimes surprising dimension to the reading process.

Start downloading today and get through more books than ever!

Audio Books


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