Teddy bear sleepover

Our latest Teddy Bear Sleepover took place at the brand new Central Children’s Library. Rosa brought Hello Kitty.


Finn helped Polar with his bedtime snack.


ready for bed

Maxie, Chrissie and Louisa are ready for bed.

But where are Polar, Ooo Ooo and Little Monkey?

Where are Papagallo, Archer and Kitty?

And where, oh, where is Paddington Bear?


Here they are, looking at the map! Where shall we go?


Polar wants to go to Alaska. No, say Archer and Papagallo, let’s have a look around the library.


Kitty found library toys in the cupboard. Hurray, let’s play!


Bedtime, said Polar! Not yet cried Kitty and Ooo Ooo.

Archer found a CD player and CD songs. Everyone joined the party, singing and dancing.


Bedtime? Not yet! Horsey, horsey don’t you stop…

at the computers

It is getting dark, it is way past bedtime cries Buster. Not yet, says Polar.

midnight climbing

Midnight climbing exhibition. Polar helped everyone up first, before climbing all the way to the top.

sleepy time

Time for a little rest after all that climbing. We are all getting a little sleepy now.

bedtime story

Little Monkey and Ooo Ooo wanted to have another bedtime story. There are so many good ones, it is difficult to choose.


Bedtime! Night night everyone. Are we all here?


Breakfast at the library. Bananas for Ooo Ooo and Little Monkey.

Pancakes are Paddington Bear’s favourite food.

Oh, no, where, oh, where is Paddington Bear?

washing and brushing

After breakfast, everybody brushed their teeth and washed their hands and faces.

Polar had a little lie-down as he was still so tired after all the climbing and dancing in the library last night.


Waiting for the children to come and pick us up. Where are they?


There is still time for some painting and drawing before we are picked up by the children.


There is time for one last story while we wait. We had lots of fun!

And what happened to Paddington Bear?


Paddington missed James so much, he climbed out of the tent, and sneaked out of the library. He walked all the way, through the city, in the rain…

home safe

… all the way home, back to James!





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