Five reasons why library members love eBooks

Here are some of the reasons why Overdrive is becoming increasingly popular with members of Edinburgh City Libraries:

1. eBooks offer more choice to people who have problems with their vision

Lots of people who borrow eBooks do so because they have sight problems that prevent them from being able to read your average paperback. Overdrive has made a real difference to their reading life.

2. eBooks offer more choice 

The 10 eBooks you can borrow for three weeks comes on top of the 12 item limit for physical books. That’s 22 books every three weeks – more than enough reading for anyone (surely?!)

3. eBooks are portable

One of the most frequently trumpeted advantage of eBooks is that they are more portable than printed books. Which is perfectly true.

4. eBooks mean you’re never far from the library

Whether you’re holidaying in Troon or Tenerife, as long as you’ve got internet access you’ve got the library with you, so you can return and borrow books to your heart’s content.

5. Nobody needs to know what you’re reading

And we’re not just talking about keeping your Games of Thrones addiction a secret from your fellow bus passengers. Overdrive offers free access to lots of self-help books covering sensitive issues that many readers would rather not broadcast to people around them.

That’s five reasons, can you think of any others?



2 thoughts on “Five reasons why library members love eBooks

  1. e-books don’t need any shelf space, which is fortunate in my flat as every square millimetre is already stuffed full of ‘real’ books.


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