Scott vs Zombies at Stockbridge Library

Scott and the Zombie small

All photographs by Gareth Timms

Watch out! Scott Davidson  – inspiration for Alan Grant and Robin Smith’s Scott vs Zombies comic book – narrowly evades an unexpected guest at last night’s special Autism Awareness Day event at Stockbridge Library.

Thankfully our zombie was sufficiently pacified to help out with an auction of work by comic artist Robin Smith – raising lots of money to support people with autism.


A huge thanks to Scott, his mum Liz, Artlink, Councillor Ricky Henderson and everyone else who helped make this such a fun, informative and successful event.

IMG_9176 Councillor H SD Zombie small

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation based in Edinburgh with over 25 years experience of providing developmental activity for people with experience of disability.

Scott vs Zombies was a collaboration between Artlink, Scott, his mum Liz, writer Alan Grant and artist Robin Smith. The comic book aims to raise awareness of autism and get the message across that ‘it is okay to just be yourself’.

The event was held as part of Autism Edinburgh‘s support for World Autism Awareness Day.

Autism logo_rgb




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