Opening the Cage in the Art Library

Feb 14 Fine Art A3A collection of photographs by Hamish King is on display in the Art Library until March 31.  The exhibition, which is titled Opening The Cage, takes its name from a poem by Scottish writer Edwin Morgan. Opening The Cage: 14 variations on 14 words, which is itself based on a quotation from the American composer John Cage: “I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry.”

Of the theme of the exhibition, Hamish King remarked: “Most photographers, most of the time, work on projects. They pick a subject or theme, and then set about the photography to produce a portfolio of pictures that illustrate or comment on the chosen topic. This exhibition is an attempt to make interesting photography without a subject, or to put it another way, to make visual poetry while having nothing to say. The photographs have no intended subject, theme, message, or narrative; there is no political, social or documentary purpose. The intention has simply been to create a set of pictures that are interesting purely because they show something amusing, unusual, striking or mysterious; or for their abstract, graphic qualities of colour, shape, tone and line; or for whatever metaphor they might contain.”

The exhibition will run in the Art Library, from Mar 4 -31.


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