Shhhh teddy bears sleeping!!

If you had gone down to Corstorphine Library the other afternoon you’d have been in for a big surprise.

For 15 teddy bears were gathered there for the library’s teddy bear sleepover.

Picture 034

Children aged 2-5 brought along one of their favourite teddies for the event. They made name badges for their bear before singing some songs and rhymes to lull them off to sleep.


After tucking the bears into bed the kids then tiptoed off home to leave the bears for their sleepover.

But the mischievous bears didn’t stay in their beds for very long. As soon as the library lights went out the fun began.


From photocopying their faces to raiding the staff fridge for a midnight feast, the bears got up to all kinds of devilment.


Luckily a sneaky member of staff was lurking behind the bookcases with a camera to capture all the action.


Little Ted is on library duty – complete with his official badge and specs!

“Hello, is that Pizza Express?”

Picture 011

Iggle Piggle regrets his choice of bedtime reading.

Picture 012

No such issues for Darth Bug!

Picture 005

Meanwhile… just topping up the tan!

Picture 001

Mr Lion chillin’ out with some tunes. Lionel Richie perhaps?

Picture 032Mr Turtle researches his family history.

IMG_1006Ted takes a trip to the toilet

Picture 024Mr Lion seems very interested in the book return bins

“Was it worth it?”

Essential reading for Rapunzel…

Rumour has it there’s another teddy bear’s sleepover in the works in Corstorphine Library for this summer so watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Shhhh teddy bears sleeping!!

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  2. Could you please let me knkw when the nxt teddy bear sleep over is my little girl would love to come to that. We are new up clermiston and looking for thkngs to do my dauggter lock is 3 at the end of thos konth. Thsnk you xx


    • Hello Kirstie

      Any future Teddy Bear Sleep overs will be advertised on library facebook pages, so best to check the pages for the libraries you use.


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