Top authors join us for Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland is nearly here. It’s like a mini book festival – but it’s free! How’s this for a line-up?

Kirsty Gunn (The big music)

Lin Anderson (Torch, Final cut, Picture her dead, Easy kill…)

Tony Black (Long time dead, Murder Mile, Gutted, Paying for it…)

Karen Campbell (This is where I am, Shadowplay, The twilight time, After the fire…)

Chris Dolan (An anarchist’s story: the life of Ethel MacDonald, Redlegs)

Lesley Riddoch (Blossom: a journey beyond independence)

James Robertson (The Professor of Truth, The Testament of Gideon Mack, And the land lay still, The Fanatic)

Tracey S Rosenberg (The girl in the bunker)

Plus, The Scotch EggHeads Scottish Book Quiz and a session on How to get published in association with publishing Scotland.

If you’re very lucky and extremely quick you can still grab a free place to see the authors listed above in libraries throughout Edinburgh. Just click on the author’s names for venues, times, and booking information.

And visit the Book Week Scotland site to see what else is happening throughout the country. Take a look too, at this selection of reading ideas from our friends at Publishing Scotland – look out for their pop-up bookshop in Central Library from 25 to 30 November



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