A 12 year-old girl in Hitler’s bunker

girl in the bunkerWhen 12-year-old Helga Goebbels walks into Hitler’s underground shelter, she expects to emerge as the most important girl in the victorious German empire. Bewildered by the lack of celebrations, Helga defies her father’s orders to stop asking questions. Horrified to discover how many lies she’s been told, she plans to escape from Berlin.

The Girl in the Bunker” by Tracey S. Rosenberg is a troubling examination of the Goebbels family. As books like this one, Chocolate Cake with Hitler by Emma Craigie and Magda by Meike Ziervogel demonstrate, this is a topic that has long fascinated authors and readers alike.

So we’re really looking forward to a special Book Week Scotland event at Leith Library on Monday 25th November when Tracey S. Rosenberg will join us to read from and talk about her work. Better still, the event is free of charge so all you have to do is call 0131 529 5517 or email leith.library@edinburgh.gov.uk as soon as you can to ensure a place at the event.

Look out for more information about other Book Week Scotland events, and keep up to date with library happenings on our Events Page.


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