South Queensferry’s War

Here in South Queensferry we’re gearing up for a series of talks on different aspects First World War.

These will take place at Queensferry Community High School from 6.30 – 7.30pm  – email or call 0131 529 5576 to book a place.

Researching your World War One Family (9 October)

Using your own family history to help uncover details about your World War One family and discovering what local and web based resources are available to help you in your research.

A World War One Overview (23 October)

An overview of the First World War, covering the causes, main events and its aftermath. Highlighting Scotland’s role and shifting the focus away from the Western Front to include the theatres in a global war.

Scottish émigrés in World War One (13 November)

Thousands of Scots émigrés or their sons and daughters enlisted in the Forces of Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, and registered in the 1917-1918 United States Draft. It is now recognised that significant numbers made the journey back to Scotland to enlist.

Medical and Nursing Management of WW1 Casualties (27 November)

The work of the army medical and nursing service in relation to the care and evacuation of casualties from the fighting front to Home Front hospitals.


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