Time for a mystery

Edinburgh libraries are on a quest! Queries from the public have brought these two photographs to our attention and we are desperate to find out anything we can about them.

McGlashen Sundial

All we know of this sundial is that it was made by Stewart McGlashen & Son Ltd., who were monument sculptors, marble and granite workers. They were based in Canonmills in Edinburgh and were in business from the 1840s until the 1970s.

What we would like to know is the location of the sundial and where is it now? Do you recognise it at all?

Mystery Photo Sept

This second photograph is the second part of our mystery. We know a little about it: that the photograph was taken by J. Clapperton of Galashiels, around the year 1900. We think that they may belong to the Free Church of Scotland as one of their number attended the Free Church Training College (now Moray House College of Education) and worked as a teacher in Fife and West Lothian.

This is all we know about the picture but we would like to know more if anyone out there can help us. Does anyone know the building they are in front of? Or perhaps the reason for the gathering? Do you know any of the people that feature in the picture? Any information would be gratefully received.

To see larger views of these pictures or to let us know any details you might have about them then please visit our Flickr page and let us know what you think or know about the pictures in the comments box there.


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