Guest blogger: “Magic Ink” author Steve Cole

I had such a great time on Friday at Corstorphine Library, a small but rugged building with a TARDIS-like array of stock and surprises inside.

I met with a group of 23 nine-year-olds who were the best possible audience for a properly comic talk about superheroes… I was amazed by the strength and variety of the children’s ideas as they named superheroes and suggested spectacular powers.

And by the time we’d finished, several other browsers in the library were ready to join in and even to shake me by the hand. It’s a lively library with lively users – more punch and power to its days!

Steve’s pretty lively himself it has to be said. He was jumping over chairs, running round the library and had the kids laughing from start to finish. Just brilliant.


One thought on “Guest blogger: “Magic Ink” author Steve Cole

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