Coming into Fashion at the Fine Art Library

`Coming into fashion’, this summer’s exhibition at the City Art Centre, is a real treat for everyone interested in fashion photography.

No 532 - Clifford Coffin, American Vogue, June 1949 © 1949 Condé Nast

No 532 – Clifford Coffin, American Vogue, June 1949
© 1949 Condé Nast

Drawing on the Condé Nast archives, the exhibition looks at early work by such luminaries as Horst P. Horst, Erwin Blumenfeld, David Bailey, Guy Bourdin, Corinne Day, Deborah Turbeville and Sølve Sundsbø as it appeared in the pages of the Condé Nast magazines – most notably Vogue and Glamour.

Condé Nast was an exceptionally gifted talent scout and by surrounding himself with talented artists he placed Vogue magazine, and other publications at the forefront of the photographic avant-garde.

Including original prints, as well as pages from the actual magazines, the exhibition provides a unique opportunity to see the work of over eighty photographers right at the outset of their careers who went on to become the biggest names in the history of fashion photography.

If the exhibition has inspired you to explore the world of fashion photography further your next stop has to be the  Fine Art Library, where you can explore our collections of fashion photography, browse our archive of Vogue magazines and read about the lives and careers of some of the eminent photographers represented in the exhibition. We’ve even prepared this list of books on fashion photography to get you started.


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